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Are you curious about what’s coming up soon in SWTOR? There are many rumors revolving the new updates and future game content. swtor_miner has some more great info datamined from SWTOR to add to the info he shared with us th other day. You can read the full post here (and spoilers are marked as such).

But here is a snippet:

So you guys wanted to know more about what I shared with you the other day.

First let me point you to this early game leak. You’ll note that many of leaks turned out to be correct. Albeit, not exactly how they were originally found.

Patch 2.3

It’s my speculation that Varl is possibly the next daily area/planet we’ll see in Patch 2.3. It’s story is tied closely to that of the Operation Scum & Villainy. The conversation data for this planet has been in the game files going all the way back to Patch 1.1.

It’s possible that Varl was partly or entirely supplanted by Makeb. In which case, the new daily area will likely be Rakata Prime. I think the former is more likely, but I’m going to hedge my bets on this one.

While there is another flashpoint (codenamed tython_and_korriban) that was recently added to the game files. I think we won’t see that till much later. So we’ll likely get the two mentioned in the leak, codenames: Titans of Industry and The Imperial Warlord. See the link above for details.

As for the new recurring event… well there’s nothing to suggest that it won’t be the Rakghoul event making a return. It received a few tweaks in the 2.2 PTS. It might be something totally new though.

Patch 2.4

Now the question comes to PvP and Patch 2.4. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be anything in the way of hints in the game files to reveal anything.

Future Patches and Expansions

Honestly most of this stuff has been in the game since 2.0, and I’m surprised noone has done a write up.

So, all of this stuff is currently listed in the same directory as Makeb.

Ok here’s the first picture. The first thing that probably jumps out at you are the planet names. Yes, that’s Bothawui, Sleheyron, Yavin IV, and Zoist on the list. Unfortunately you’re heart is probably going to sink when you see this image.

That’s right Yavin IV is very incomplete, and as far as I can tell only contains Imperial missions/conversations. Ignore it, as it seems that it isn’t the focus of anything important right now.

Bothawui contains class story for republic characters, and Ziost seems to be the same for imperials. Then both factions have class missions on Sleheyron.

So what do you think about this info? How much of this do you think we’ll end up seeing in the game alter and what could it all mean?

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