Will EA Announce a Continuation of Star Wars 1313 at E3?

star wars 13 13

Have you been waiting for a new Star Wars game like us? What do you think about news that Star Wars 1313 might be back in production? It’s just a rumor but some people suspect there might be a new life to the game after all.

The Star Wars Underworld tells us about the rumor that EA could be announcing this at E3:

Could Star Wars 1313 have new life?  After the shut down of LucasArts earlier this year it was believed that all Star Wars projects it had been working on had died with it, this may not be the case.  A leaked document containing a list of all the projects that will be announced during E3 has appeared on the Spanish website Area Jugones and on that list is Star Wars 1313 (sadly there is no mention of Battlefront 3).  

Now remember, this is just a rumor and needs to be taken with a major grain of salt.  That being said, it’s pretty exciting to see EA continue work on what was such a hotly anticipated game.  Could it be that the announcement of Star Wars Rebels had something to do with this?  Both projects are set in the same time period which could lead to some cool crossover. 

As I mentioned above, there is no mention of Star Wars Battlefront 3 on the list.  However all hope is not lost for a BF3 announcement during E3.  For one, the list in question could just be a fake.  Assuming, however, that the list is real it could be that the list is incomplete.  We know EA has a press conference planned for E3 where they’ll unveil their Star Wars plans and seeing as they have three studios working on Star Wars games it seems unlikely they will make just one announcement.  Also, remember that an EA exec recently name dropped Battlefront when discussing Star Wars games, I highly doubt that was an accident…

Regardless, E3 will be an exciting time for Star Wars fans.

This is what we’re thinking. Whether we get confirmation about 1313 at E3 or not, we expect to hear some good things for Star Wars fans. What news do you hope to hear at E3? Are you hoping that Star Wars 1313 will finally happen?

Lisa Clark

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