Dromund Kaas Imperial Citadel on Minecraft

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Here’s a gamer who has combined two of my favorite things: Star Wars/SWTOR and Minecraft. Here you will see that Jedimonkey38 built the Dromund Kaas Citadel in Minecraft. See for yourself here:

How awesome is that?

I have seen some pretty amazing Minecraft builds over the years. My kids are also really into Minecraft and spend hours watching videos and reading about it. My son even bought a Minecraft manual from the school book fair. So as you can see, we’re a family who is not new to the blocky world. That said, I really love to see when people go outside the typical and create something new or unique. Whenever someone combines one game or story world with another, they’re probably going to get some smiles from me as well, as is the case with this.

Here you will find a Speeder Transport, Mandalorian Enlave Entrance, Sith Sanctum Entrance, Imperial Intelligence Headquarters Entrance, and more. There are some great screenshots of the insides of the buildings too so you will see the planetary map and listening room inside the Imperial Intelligence, for example.

There are many corridors and even small details were not forgotten. There are data banks, secure holo rooms, the Imperial Logo on the wall, tables and more. Take some time to browse through all of these photos yourself and you will see that this is no small or simple project. It’s impressive enough to build the outsides of these structures but to have every little detail and room on the inside goes above and beyond impressive.

What’s also cool is that Jedimonkey is also working on some KOTOR creations:

Lisa Clark

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