Rakata Weapons to be fixed in future patch – Not 1.1.1

As the original poster explained, there has been an issue with Rakata weapons for some time now. Players can raid hard mode EV for weeks and get Rakata weapons that are rank 126 when they would already have much better weapons at that point. The Rakata weapons should be level 140. They look cool with their black-red lightsaber crystals btu it doesn’t change the fact that they are basically useless at that level.

So plenty of players complained and at first, it didn’t seem like BioWare was listening. Then they came in to say it would be fixed in 1.1.1. But alas… it is still not fixed. So what’s the deal? Well, the weapons will be fixed in an upcoming patch instead. Sorry to those who have them or were working towards them who are not benefitting from it right now. If you already have them, they will be upgraded automatically when fixed so don’t dump them right now. Just hold onto them and wait for the fix!

As Georg Zoeller tells us on the official SWTOR forums:

This issue will be fixed in an upcoming patch. (Not 1.1.1)

Items already acquired by players will be upgraded automatically to the fixed versions when that happens.

Lisa Clark

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