BioWare do listen – 4 quickbars for Preferred Status Players

BioWare do listen - 4 quickbars for Preferred Status Players

Yesterday, Community Manager Joveth Gonzalez revealed that due to feedback ( huge an ongoing QQ’ing), Preferred Status Players will receive two extra  Quickbars to use when playing   Star Wars: The Old Republic.

I honestly think they could have given only one extra bar and it would have made 90% of the people happy. The extra bar is just icing (yes, some will argue they never should have been restricted at all).
I’m all for constructive criticism when it’s needed, but I hope people will stop and give credit when it’s due. They obviously are trying to appease the fans, while still maintaining a successful business model.

As you know, we take player feedback very seriously and we wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for being a part of our Free-to-Play transition.

When Game Update 1.5 was on PTS, we heard your feedback and increased Quickbars for Free-to-Play Players, increased Warzones from three to five per week, and reduced the Cartel Coin temporary bind.

We want to let you know that we are constantly listening to you folks, and we’ve heard your feedback regarding limited Quickbars for Preferred Status Players.

This is why, after an upcoming patch that is scheduled for next week, Preferred Status Players will be given two additional Quickbars (for a total of four) that will immediately improve their gameplay experience.

We’ll have more details for you – including information for Preferred Status Players that have already purchased extra Quickbars – once the change goes live.

For the post in full, head over to the official forum.