Ancient Hypergate Preview

Game Overview

Ancient Hybergate is a bit unique in that players must kill the opposing team members in order to harvest enough power to open the Gree hypergates, allowing their reinforcements to be transported to the area. The trick though, is that players must have activated pylons in order to harvest the opposing team’s energy.

The Map

Players of each team will start at North and South areas of the map in what are called spawn zones. Each team can access the map from the East or West, but must do through timed doors. The pylons needed to access the opposing team’s power are located in the East and West and surrounded by piles of rubble. Between the two pylons, players will find a safe zone in which there are energy cubes. The central area is accessible through large openings on both sides.

Ancient Hypergate Preview
Ancient Hypergate map overview

How to Play

The goal of the game is to achieve 600 energy points, which will activate that team’s hypergate and release their reinforcements. As mentioned above, energy points are gathered through the killing of opposing team members. However, the kills will only matter if you have accessed a pylon. You will see two energy levels on the Warzone UI. One is potential energy and the other is actual energy. Actual energy is what counts when it comes to opening the hypergate.

You will need to channel the pylon for 6 seconds, after which you’ll be given 2.5 minutes to make your kills. After the 2.5 minutes, the pylon will release a blast. Unless you’re in the central area when this happens, all the kills you made will not count towards your 600 energy points.

Players can also boost their actual energy score by gathering energy cubes. As mentioned above, these are found in the central area.

It’s important to note that every time a blast goes off, a new round starts. When a new round starts, the amount of points you earn per kills increases. Starting at 3x, each round will increase the number by 1x.

The UI gives you everything you need to know to be successful in the game. In the UI, you’ll see how long until the next blast occurs with your and your enemy’s pylon along with how much actual and potential energy you and your enemy have.

Ancient Hypergate Preview
The two large circles represent the pylons, and will be red if the enemy controls it, green if you control it, and grey if neutral.

Game Tips

  • Don’t downplay energy cubes. Energy cubes can be a great way to boost your energy levels in a less risky way than beating the clock.
  • Use knockbacks and slows to your advantage. When the blast is about to go off, knockback enemies or slow them when they are trying to access the central zone.
  • Never lose your pylon. Your pylon is the key to winning this game. Make sure your pylon is always protected by you or someone else on your team.
  • Watch the clock. Last, but not least, always keep an eye on the clock so that the kills you make count.

Do you have any tips for Ancient Hypergates?

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