Ancient Hypergate

Developer Update: Ancient Hypergate

Senior Designer Rob Hinkle, takes the stage, in today’s Developer Update.  In this he introduce the new Warzone arriving  with the upcoming Game Update 1.6 in Star Wars: The old republic. While this might not contain much new information for people following swtorstrategies, it’s still worth a read. Also remember to check out Lisa’s Ancient Hypergate Preview if you haven’t done so already. Today, I would like to introduce the public to our newest addition to Star Wars™: The Old Republic, the Warzone: Ancient Hypergate. This Warzone takes place in an ancient ruin built around a Gree hypergate. The Republic and Sith Empire are doing battle in an effort to control the area and claim the lost technology for themselves. Each of the factions have calibrated a gate that will allow reinforcements to be brought directly into the battle. These gates need to be charged up to full power in order to stabilize the connection and allow for safe passage. A nearby set…

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Ancient Hypergate Preview

Game Overview Ancient Hybergate is a bit unique in that players must kill the opposing team members in order to harvest enough power to open the Gree hypergates, allowing their reinforcements to be transported to the area. The trick though, is that players must have activated pylons in order to harvest the opposing team’s energy. The Map Players of each team will start at North and South areas of the map in what are called spawn zones. Each team can access the map from the East or West, but must do through timed doors. The pylons needed to access the opposing team’s power are located in the East and West and surrounded by piles of rubble. Between the two pylons, players will find a safe zone in which there are energy cubes. The central area is accessible through large openings on both sides. How to Play The goal of the…

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Game Update 1.6: Ancient Hypergate is on Public Test Server

If you’re just settling in to game update 1.5 and learning about all the new content and features, you might be surprised to know that Game Update 1.6: Ancient Hypergate is now on the Public Test Server (PTS). But those who like to jump in the PTS and be on the cutting edge of the next release are probably already anticipating this. BioWare talks about it more on their blog today, letting us know what we can expect with the new game update, including a new PvP Warzone and Heroic Space Missions: Travel to a remote Warzone to discover a brand new PvP battle mechanic. The Republic and Imperial forces are locked in an intense conflict to control two energy pylons. Fight to take control of these powerful pylons and kill enemy forces to discharge energy into your faction’s gate. The first team to open their portal unleashes deadly reinforcements to wipe out…

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