Gambling elements in popular MMO games

Slot machines are not the only entertainment that has gambling elements. A lot of similar mechanics are used in MMO games, but not so blatantly that the developers can be accused of violating the rules. Anyone who has been in a World of Warcraft raid at least once remembers the probability of dropping a rare reward, as well as the function to roll extra loot. And there are many such games. Consider the most popular MMO games and gambling elements.

Do many people wonder what keeps a player coming back to MMO games? A fascinating story, modern graphics, a balanced class system, or maybe the ability to play with other users? Taken together, all of this really keeps the player coming back to the game, but other than that absolutely everyone loves to win and collect rewards. MMO games have a lot of achievements, rare rewards, and difficult bosses, for which the most valuable items. Some items are exclusive, giving you the opportunity to show off to other players.

As an example to compare with the gambling elements in online games you can use Reviews4Casinos. Casino with slot machines like , roulette, table games, where the result is determined by a random number generator (RNG). This kind of roulette is used in all MMO games to make it harder for players to get the desired item. Rare achievements that require a long execution can be compared to progressive jackpots, which are also activated after obtaining a specific combination. Let’s talk about the most popular online games, which have elements of gambling.

Weapon upgrade in Lineage 2

Finding or crafting quality weapons for your class is only half the job. Users who play Lineage 2 know what it means to improve weapons in this game. It can take several days to get the right level. To improve weapons, you need special scrolls and materials. Safe sharpening works only up to +4. After that begins the real roulette. If unsuccessful, the weapon would break and the user would have to start all over again. Later, the developers added new scrolls that allowed you to insure weapons. If it failed, it was not broken, but rolled back one improvement. Sharpening weapons was one of the most gambling elements in the game. With good luck, it could take a little time and gold. But if a player wanted to sharpen a weapon to +16 it required more materials, gold, and luck. With each improvement, the chance of success decreased.

Gambling elements in World of Warcraft

In World of Warcraft, there are no donations that allow you to get advantages over other players. The only exception is gold, which can be used to buy BOE items. Later the advantage is leveled by stronger items. But rare rewards from dungeons and raids can only be obtained by visiting these places. But one visit will not be enough, because the chance of falling out of a particular item is very low. Go to the same raid will have to go for several months, because after clearing all the bosses on the player thrown on the reward cd. You will not be able to retrieve an item from an earlier boss or get an item from another player. The cd resets every week on Wednesdays.

Other gambling elements World of Warcraft:

  • extra roll for the reward;
  • low chance of rare items falling out (1-2%);
  • getting rare pets, mounts, skins;
  • difficult achievements.

Separate attention deserves legendary items, weapons, and mounts. Some users write in the forums that it took them more than 900 attempts to knock out a particular skin for their character. It can take more than ten years to get all the achievements and rewards in the game.

EVE Online

A multiplayer game with a sci-fi story in which you can donate and even earn real money. But at the first opportunity, the developers will ban you for botting or selling services for real. To buy a strong ship in the game or fly to the farthest galaxies, where the hidden valuable rewards, will have to risk a lot. The worst part of this game is losing your ship. It cannot be recovered or insured. All lost resources will be left at the mercy of the space pirates.


The most random and gambling elements in Hearthstone. Although this is a collectible card game, not an MMO, there is randomness in both gameplay and in the stage of opening packs of cards. The sets contain random creatures and spells. The rarest cards are legendary. You can get them from the pack or craft. In gameplay against an opponent, all cards are drawn from the deck, which is very similar to poker or blackjack. So you never know what the next move of the opponent and how you will have to respond.

Gambling slots and MMO games are very close in mechanics. This is evidenced by the recent scandals involving loot boxes, which contain random rewards of varying value and purpose. The concept of the loot box originates from the way loot is distributed in multiplayer online games. Because of the use of randomness in the distribution of items, games using this mechanic can be equated with gambling. Many countries have enacted a system of regulation, requiring developers to show in advance the chance of items falling out.