Key things you should know about Long Game

Many people find it hard to save money. This is the reason why many personal finance experts recommend that it’s a good idea to try various legit cash games so that you can have money for your daily expenses. Remember that there are many mobile apps that you can use to play games for real money. 

One of them is called Long Game which is simply a personal finance app that can reward you for setting aside cash in your savings account. This allows you to unlock games that can potentially increase your bank balance. But there are various things you have to know before you decide to use the Long Game app. This article discusses the key things you should know about Long Game. 

Understanding Long Game rewards

You should note that the Long Game partners with two banks which are Varo and NBKC. Therefore, it’s crucial to open a bank account with either of these banks before you decide to start playing games. After opening a bank account, you can choose your bank and login. Keep note that you can earn some coins in Long Game when you deposit to your linked bank account and increase your savings. 

As you can see, there are two banks that partner with Long Game, but you can only link one bank account. This means that if you have both NBKC and Varo, you must select which bank you prefer to utilize with Long Game. When you choose the bank, it can be tricky to switch your option. 

Long Game wants to help you save your money, so it can reward you for your good saving habits. They usually do this through their coin system. In other words, you can earn more coins if you save more cash. From there, you can use these coins to play some mini-games that appeal to most players. For instance, there is the Flip It game that is similar to lottery scratches as well as the Spin IT game that can make you feel like you are playing Wheel of Fortune. Some of these games can pay out extra coins, but others offer real cash that you can add to your bank balance when you win. 

Another favorite game for most players is called Lucky Bounce. This game allows you to drop a ball that can bounce off several pegs before it falls into any of the chests. Each chest has a prize, though others don’t have any coins. 

The other games that you can likely enjoy playing are Puzzles and Prizes and Connect 3. When it comes to Connect 3, you need to spend a specific number of coins every time you decide to draw a line so that you can connect similar adjacent coins. Once you do, you can get closer to opening any of the chests that are above. And, when you unlock a chest, you are rewarded with the prize inside.

On the other hand, Puzzles and Prizes provide a similar concept, but you need to swap pieces so that you can match three or more rather than drawing lines to connect icons.

Choosing the games

Besides selecting the type of game you desire to play, you can also choose a game based on its maximum prize. There is the weekly lottery drawing that has a $1 million grand prize. There are also other flat cash prizes in the app. But you have to pay more coins so that you can win big prizes. 

Currently, the lowest-priced game begins at 1,000 coins, and the reward is 1 million coins each day. Take note that the coin prizes for Prizes and Puzzles and Connect 3 are per move. This is the reason why they tend to look lower than other options available on the market.

When you receive cash prizes, they are automatically deposited into your bank account. Because this requires a transfer, it may sometimes take a couple of days for your money to reflect in your account. But you can still see the wins when you tap the shield icon to check your pending transaction, available balance, and total balance. 

You can also get crypto rewards on Long Game. Ideally, crypto rewards were introduced to educate users and introduce them to crypto markets. Also, Long Game aims to protect users from the risk associated with investing in cryptocurrencies. This protection comes because you cannot buy cryptocurrencies on this app, but you can only win them. This can involve getting gifts in the form of crypto so that you can level up or even playing the Crypto Spin game. 

Even if you find that you have run out of coins on this app, you can still have the opportunity to earn more daily. When it comes to daily games, you can win coins by simply visiting Long Game every day. Because this is game based, it can be hard to figure out the exact amount that you can win.  

Another way you can earn more coins is to have a direct deposit with the linked bank account. You can have the chance of winning 2 million coins once your initial direct deposit clears. Also, you can earn more coins from daily games. 

It’s worth noting that because Long Game doesn’t have their banking accounts, the interest you can earn tends to depend on the offers of the linked accounts. The good thing about this app is that you don’t have to transfer cash to the app itself. But you can be rewarded for the savings you make in your NBKC or Varo account. Therefore, you can access your money when you want without any problem. Also, you can use the Long Game app for free, and both NBKC and Varo offer no-fee accounts. 

In conclusion, Long Game doesn’t have transfer times and work with reputable banking partners, such as NBKC and Varo banks. This means that you can enjoy the benefits that these banks offer besides the Long Game access. Above all, you can earn cash for saving your funds with these banks while having fun playing the games on this app.