Tips for Getting the Most from 12x Experience Bonus

Tips for Getting the Most from 12x Experience Bonus

The clock is ticking for the new SWTOR expansion and as we get closer to the actual release, gamers are getting ready in a variety of ways. The subscriber perk that gives you 12x XP is also winding down and if you want to get the most of it before it ends on October 19th, here are some tips.

  1. Prepare in advance. It sounds like a no-brainer but the more things you can get ready in advance, the faster you will be able to level your characters and take full advantage of this XP boost while it lasts.
  2. Get some major/minor xp boosts. Be sure you are getting standard boosts and not the ones designed specifically for FP, exploration, class quests, etc.) You can use these to add even more XP boost. Regular boosts WILL stack with the 12x.
  3. Get a stronghold (if you don’t have one already). Legacy storage, no cooldown on Fleet Pass and return to ship and other benefits make leveling even faster.
  4. Transfer some spending credits to each character. Every character you plan to level up with the 12x bonus will need a bit of spending cash.
  5. Join a guild (if you’re not already part). You can add 5-10% XP boost that is stackable with the 12x boost if you are part of a guild.
  6. Set aside legacy gear. If can spring for it, you should be able to build up several sets of Legacy Gear along the way which can be very helpful.
  7. Unlock legacy travel improvements. This is yet another way for your characters to get where they need faster and will help you level up more quickly.
  8. Level efficiently. Do cluster quests when they are available, use QT and Starship QT to save time, give yourself enough bag space to not have to run back all the time, etc. Use rocket boost increases.

What additional tips would you add for getting the most from the 12x XP boost?

Lisa Clark

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