BCH prices in 2023: Possible outcomes

Even after the recent dive the whole market made in the end of 2021, Bitcoin cash is showing very promising results. The price is floating around 100 USD per coin, but it is a much more stable condition than other popular currencies. Analysts promise the growth of this asset and high possibility for it to make it to the top 5 highest trading coins. Such a prediction is a good opportunity to discuss BCH altcoin in greater details.

How Bitcoin Cash came to be

From the beginning of the Bitcoin Era other developers criticized conservative approaches used in its code. One the major complaints was the block size affecting the transaction limit. It was a non-issue when BTC was launched but soon the problem became apparent. The most vocal party had expressed their concerns about Bitcoin. According to the crypto community opinions, developers had seen the token as an investment opportunity at most as stated otherwise in the manifesto.

The small size of logical blocks started affecting the transaction speed in 2016-2017. At the time, a team of developers, in tandem with mining enthusiasts (exact names are unknown) began the fork project. When it was launched in August of 2017, any BTC possessions were «mirrored» to BCH at 1:1 ratio. A good start indeed yet the prices are nowhere at the range of Bitcoin up to this day.

Like Ethereum 2.0, BitcoinCash is in active development introducing new features and new forks. Speaking of the latter, some crypto enthusiasts made a BitcoinABC (BHCA) another BTC fork offering even better transaction speed than BCH. Despite all of the controversies and accusations BitcoinCash remains one of the most trusted tokens on the market which makes it a valuable asset. And what can be the best way to do with it than multiplying the investment for free, with bch dice software.

Play dices on a blockchain

To see how far the gambling industry has reached look no further than ETH blockchain. With recent updated, users have gained the ability to develop their own blockchain applications. Even so, regular online casinos had been looking at the crypto market for the last 5 years. The results can be seen in the form of bitcoin dice game software and full-fledged crypto-gambling websites. These often decentralized projects offer all the tools needed to play using cryptocurrencies without any additional steps. Play in these internet BCH casinos:

  • Bitcoincom;
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  • True Flip.

The list is compiled from the companies placing security and fair play above all. Any experienced gambler will agree that these 2 characteristics are central to any gambling site. The library or promotions are temporary, yet the core philosophy of the owner will show in every aspect of the place.

The future of BCH

Predictions are not set in stone and will be influenced by outside factors so as the profits from your crypto investments. Hence, you should use the assets to create them in greater quantities. Today’s market is not allowing it due to sudden spikes at the price graphs. Maybe it is the right time to activate no-deposit bonuses and play Bitcoin cash dice games.