Top 5 sites gamers will love

Playing video games is one of the most common hobbies in the world. Even people who wouldn’t necessarily describe themselves as gamers enjoy spending time playing mobile games or playing a few hands of Minesweeper, Solitaire or Hearts on the computer.

Gaming software and technology have reached the point where dedicated gamers don’t have to have all of the latest consoles or the highest spec computer system – even though they obviously want to have them! Games can be enjoyed on any platform and by players of any skill level, thanks to the rise of indie gaming studios and mobile gaming, and the success of creative world-building games.

For some gamers, just playing the games is enough. For most, however, there is a lot more involved than just playing. Gamers like to talk about their favorite games with others, share tips and tricks, get help, watch gaming content and more. 

This article will tell you all about five sites that gamers love.

Sweepstakes casinos

Many gamers enjoy playing video games because of the competitive, social element. You can see this in the rise of multiplayer games and the use of headsets to allow players to communicate with each other while playing. 

This same community element can be found in sweepstakes casinos, which are also known as social casinos. These online casinos encourage players to chat with each other and talk about the games and more. Since there are no cash rewards to be won, the focus can just be on playing and being social.

Playing on sites like Chumba casino is legal across the entire United States (with the exception of Washington state). This is a huge step up from regular online casinos, which are subject to much tighter restrictions. For gamers who need an occasional break from their usual games but still want to play something, online sweepstakes casinos are perfect.


When gamers aren’t playing games, they love to watch other gamers play. Sometimes it’s to see someone who’s a really talented player work through the challenging levels, sometimes it’s to see if a new game looks like something they’d be interested in playing. For many, though, it’s just because it’s entertaining and a good way to engage with a wider part of the gaming community.

Twitch is the preferred site and platform for watching streamers play. Alongside the normal day-to-day streamers, Twitch is also one of the primary broadcasters of esports competitions. There are added perks for Twitch members too, like early access to games or access to special content such as the Eternal Throne Ultimate Pack for Star Wars: The Old Republic.


The days of going to the store and picking out a new game are slowly fading into the past. Nowadays, digital versions of games are the most popular and easiest to access. The major consoles all have their own digital shops and subscription services for unlimited play on most of their back catalogue.

Steam is a game marketplace where players can buy all sorts of different games. The rise of the indie game developer has made Steam an essential stop for gamers looking for something new to play.

Review sites

The basics of gaming are agreed on by most gamers. Everyone knows that Xbox and PlayStation are the top console brands but choosing all of your gaming accoutrements is far less clear cut. That mouse may look cool or the swoopy gaming chair might seem amazing but it’s hard to judge the quality of them without trying them out.

That’s where review sites come in. Reviewers on sites like Destructoid and PC Gamer review everything from games to chairs to cables. Visiting several review sites helps gamers create a more complete picture of how good a product or game is and whether or not it will work for them. Review sites are essential for gamers who want to make the best purchasing decisions. 


Staying up to date with planned releases, delays and gaming news is a fun part of being a gamer. It adds an extra layer of enjoyment and understanding to playing when you know more about what’s going on behind the scenes. 

Gaming news is a huge industry and like most big digital industries, the quality of content varies a ton across various sites. Kotaku is one of the oldest and most respected gaming news sites on the internet. They provide high quality content on games across all of the most popular genres – and some of the more niche ones as well.