Jawas, Wookies, Droids and More: Who’s Your Sidekick of Choice?

swtor blizz

There are plenty of companions to choose from in SWTOR, five total for each class, adding up to 40 if you’re counting them all together. While playing through the game on my Bounty Hunter, we have come to the conclusion that Blizz is by far the best companion for a number of reasons. The Star Wars: The Old Republic companions come in many shapes and sizes, all with unique personalities. All three of these play into Blizz being a great companion, due to his comically small size and shape, coupled with his thoroughly enjoyable temperament.

First of all, he is the only available Jawa companion, so +1 for that. Of course since he is a Jawa, he is rather small, which in this particular instance makes for a rather humorous contrast when he is standing next to a towering behemoth of a Cyborg bounty hunter. In addition to the visually appealing nature of Blizz, he is a very likeable companion as far as personality and dialogue goes, constantly referring to you as “Boss” and totally disregarding most grammatical conventions. Now Blizz may not be the highest DPS companion or have the ability to heal, but he is a more than capable tank, which is perfectly fine, since there are plenty of bounty hunters out there focused on healing and support.

Unfortunately, not everyone has access to Blizz, since not everyone has a bounty hunter in their character screen. For you poor souls, don’t fret, there are plenty of excellent companions for the remaining classes. Some of our favorites are Guss Tuno, the Mon Calamari companion for the Smuggler class and Broonmark, the Talz companion of the Sith Warrior. Guss’ best attribute is by far his resemblance to the beloved Admiral Ackbar, though to the best of our knowledge he never utters that famous line, “it’s a trap!” Then there are other awesome characters like Broonmark, who is a wonderful companion in his own way, in that he is the opposite of wonderful; in fact he is a ruthless servant to the Sith with basically no compassion or feelings. Broonmark is the companion of choice for those racking up their dark side points.

In the end, all of the companions have extremely well written storylines, which feed into their well sculpted personalities and the unique interactions you will have with them. With the story driven adventure that is SWTOR we like to pick the companions who fit into our vision of the universe the best and have more or less ignored the more practical elements that make certain companions easier to level or quest with. Let us know what your favorite companions are in the comments below and don’t be shy when offering up your own reasons.