Friday update: Bounty Hunter PAX East Plans

Not everyone will find the life of a Jedi or Sith appealing in Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR). Some will find the rugged lifestyle of a Bounty Hunter more to their liking. After all, one of the favorite characters in the Star Wars lineup is Boba Fett. How can you not have a class fashioned after one of the Star Wars galaxy’s most infamous Bounty Hunters?

While Boba Fett is thousands of years from birth in SWTOR, his profession is well intact and BioWare revealed a new look at the SWTOR Bounty Hunter at GDC 2011. The latest reveal offers a look at Mako, a companion that can join young Bounty Hunters on their adventures and a notorious slicer, the Rattataki race, a violent species well-suited for bounty hunting and the D-5 Mantis Patrol Craft ship, built for a true Bounty Hunter. Lastly, a brand new Bounty Hunter class video has been released showing the intergalactic professionals in action.

If you’re attending PAX East this year, be sure to stop by the BioWare booth for a chance to play SWTOR’s Flashpoint: Taral V. The content will be available for play during the event and will allow players a chance to see what the story-driven content of SWTOR is like first-hand.

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