Flashpoints of SWTOR: Legacy of the Rakata

Flashpoints of SWTOR: Legacy of the Rakata

Legacy of the Rakata is an exciting and challenging flashpoint in the popular MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic. Taking place on the ancient and mysterious planet Rakata Prime, this flashpoint offers players the chance to confront three challenging bosses, each with unique abilities and mechanics. This article will explore the strategies needed to defeat Savage War Beast and War Chief Rehkta, Commander Rand, and the deadly duo of Darth Arkous and Colonel Darok.

I. Savage War Beast and War Chief Rehkta

The first boss encounter in Legacy of the Rakata pits players against both the Savage War Beast and War Chief Rehkta. These two enemies share a health pool, and players must focus on eliminating both bosses simultaneously.

  1. Savage War Beast

The Savage War Beast is a melee-focused boss with a powerful cleave attack. It’s crucial to have a tank face the War Beast away from the rest of the group to avoid unnecessary damage. The War Beast will also periodically charge at a random player, causing significant damage and a knockback effect. Players should be ready to move away from the charge’s path to minimize damage.

  1. War Chief Rehkta

War Chief Rehkta is a ranged boss who uses an AoE (area of effect) attack that deals damage over time. This attack, called “Blood Pool,” should be avoided by all players. Rehkta will also summon adds throughout the fight, which should be picked up by the tank and burned down quickly by DPS players.

To defeat these bosses, players must focus on dealing consistent damage to both targets while managing their unique abilities. Communication and situational awareness are crucial, as the team must coordinate to handle the adds and avoid AoE attacks effectively.

II. Commander Rand

Commander Rand is a challenging fight that requires players to manage both boss mechanics and environmental hazards. The arena is filled with electrified water that deals damage over time to players standing in it.

  1. Mechanics

Throughout the fight, Commander Rand will activate “Electromagnetic Pulse,” which causes the electrified water to deal increased damage. Players should immediately move to the raised platforms to avoid taking excessive damage.

Rand will also use an ability called “Shockwave,” which creates a shockwave in a straight line. Players must dodge the shockwave to avoid being knocked back into the electrified water.

  1. Strategy

To defeat Commander Rand, players should focus on dealing consistent damage while managing the environmental hazards. Tanks should position Rand near a platform, allowing DPS players and healers to quickly move onto the platform when the Electromagnetic Pulse is activated. Communication and proper positioning are vital to success in this encounter.

III. Darth Arkous and Colonel Darok

The final boss encounter in Legacy of the Rakata features a deadly duo – Darth Arkous and Colonel Darok. Players must defeat both bosses within a short time of each other, or the surviving boss will revive the fallen one.

  1. Darth Arkous

Darth Arkous is a Sith Lord with powerful Force abilities. He will cast “Force Storm,” an AoE ability that deals damage over time and should be avoided. Arkous will also use “Force Push” to knock back the tank, forcing them to reposition quickly.

  1. Colonel Darok

Colonel Darok is a ranged boss who will periodically summon turrets that deal significant damage to the group. These turrets must be destroyed as quickly as possible. Darok will also use a “Missile Barrage” ability that targets random players, dealing damage and knocking them back.

  1. Strategy

To defeat this deadly duo, players must manage each boss’s unique abilities while focusing on dealing equal damage to both targets. The tank should maintain threat on both bosses, positioning them close together to allow DPS players to cleave and deal damage efficiently. Healers should be prepared to handle incoming damage from both bosses and their abilities, as well as any turret or Missile Barrage damage.

Communication is crucial in this fight, as players must call out turret spawns and coordinate their movement to avoid Force Storm and Missile Barrage. Once one of the bosses reaches low health, the group should focus on quickly defeating the other boss to prevent a revival.


Legacy of the Rakata is a thrilling and challenging flashpoint that tests players’ coordination, communication, and mechanical prowess. By understanding the mechanics of each boss encounter and executing the strategies outlined in this guide, players can conquer this flashpoint and uncover the secrets of the ancient Rakata civilization. Good luck, and may the Force be with you!


What is the recommended gear level for Legacy of the Rakata?

It is recommended to have a gear level of 186 or higher when attempting the Legacy of the Rakata Flashpoint. This ensures that your team has sufficient stats to handle the encounters efficiently and withstand the damage from enemies.

How do I deal with the Mind Traps in the fight against the Ancient Guardian?

When facing the Ancient Guardian, players need to focus on freeing any teammates trapped in the Mind Traps as quickly as possible. Designate a DPS to break the traps and ensure that your healer is ready to assist with healing any additional damage taken by the trapped player. Coordination and quick response are key to managing this mechanic effectively.

What strategy should be used to defeat Commander Rand in Legacy of the Rakata?

To defeat Commander Rand, players should be prepared to interrupt his abilities, especially his AoE attacks. Position your team to spread out and avoid stacking, reducing the damage taken from his area attacks. Focus on eliminating the adds he summons quickly to prevent them from overwhelming your team. Use defensive cooldowns during his high-damage phases.

How do I avoid the Incinerate debuff from the Enhanced War Droid?

Avoiding the Incinerate debuff from the Enhanced War Droid requires players to be vigilant and ready to move out of the affected area. Watch for the cast bar or any visual indicators and move out of the targeted area promptly. Use any movement speed abilities or buffs to aid in quickly repositioning out of danger.

What is the best approach for handling the final boss, the Rakata Prime, in this Flashpoint?

The final boss, Rakata Prime, involves multiple phases with different mechanics. Focus on interrupting his high-damage abilities and avoid standing in any harmful ground effects. Coordinate with your team to manage adds that spawn during the fight and prioritize DPS on the boss during burn phases. Use defensive cooldowns and healing abilities strategically to survive the encounter.

How do I manage the Empowered Shockwave from the Reconstructed Monolith?

To manage the Empowered Shockwave from the Reconstructed Monolith, players need to spread out to minimize the impact of the AoE damage. Assign players to interrupt the Monolith’s cast if possible, and ensure that your healer is prepared to heal the group through the damage. Players should stay aware of their positioning and move out of the shockwave’s path quickly.

What are the key loot rewards from the Legacy of the Rakata Flashpoint?

The Legacy of the Rakata Flashpoint offers valuable gear upgrades and unique items. Key loot rewards include high-level armor pieces, weapons, and potentially rare mounts or pets. Completing this Flashpoint can significantly improve your character’s gear and provide rare collectibles.

What is the significance of the story in Legacy of the Rakata?

The story in Legacy of the Rakata is significant as it delves into the ancient history of the Rakata species and their influence on the galaxy. Players uncover secrets about the Rakata’s technology and their role in shaping the galaxy’s past. This Flashpoint adds depth to the lore and provides context to the ongoing conflict in SWTOR.