Star Wars: Battlefront – Release Date Already Pushed Back?

star wars Battlefront

Shortly after the E3 trailer of Star Wars: Battlefront was shown, people began speculating a possible release date for the title. A commonly floated time-frame was the first quarter of 2015, placing the game’s release within striking distance of Star Wars:  Episode 7, something which – as I have said before – would indeed make perfect sense from a marketing angle. According to some very recent rumors however, it now looks like a more likely release time-frame for the much awaited title is late 2015/early 2016. While these are indeed just rumors and nothing has been confirmed by DICE in this respect, and while such a push-back of the release date definitely pains die-hard fans of the Star Wars universe, there may unfortunately be some solid reasoning behind it all. While development has indeed begun as evidenced by the above-said E3 trailer, it may already be running late, given how the developer had been forced to abandon work on all its future projects in order to whip Battlefield 4 into working order, before talk about Battlefront even began.

At any rate, even if the title does get pushed back, past experience clearly shows that it’s always better to give the developer plenty of time to iron out all the intricacies behind the scenes than to rush production and end up releasing an incomplete/bug-ridden game. Given all the hype generated around Battlefront, and given all the support they’re apparently getting from Disney, DICE really cannot afford to mess this one up in any way.

Talking about the full support of all entities behind the Star Wars Extended Universe: LucasFilm have recently announced a major official storyline reset, meaning that everything falling outside the six movies and the Cartoon Network series will be considered non-canon, while everything currently in the works – and yes, that includes Battlefront too – will be part of the canon. That is obviously another bit of great news for the producers as well as for the fans, and it piles still further pressure on DICE.