SWTOR Scapper Smuggler PvP Guide- Understanding Stealth

If you’ve played a stealth character in other MMOs, expect things to be a little different in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The main difference is in the way you engage your target and in the stealth detection. At first, it may seem a little awkward and harder but once you understand the concept, you’ll probably enjoy the gameplay even more, especially if you like a real challenge.

Engaging Your Target

The way you engage your target is much different from what you’re probably used to. When you engage a single target and they die, you can restealth immediately as long as you have not attacked another target and no one else has attacked you. In this scenario, you’re considered “out of combat” when you send out the deadly blow. However, if you engage someone else or if anyone else engages you before the cool down period is up, you’re considered in combat and things change.

Before doing AOE damage, check your position. Look for a place where you can choose your victim, attack and then restealth before encountering anyone else and you’ll have a huge advantage over the enemy as you restealth right in the center of the action.

When engaging your target, your “Shoot First” ability is a big part of your strategy but you can’t use it until you reach level 36 and you must be in stealth and situated behind your target. Then, this ability allows you to slip out of stealth and use a scattergun to blast your target at point blank range.

Stealth Detection

Stealth detection is definitely more of a challenge in SWTOR than you may be used to or even expect. The increased +3 stealth detection talents make it possible for the enemy to see you as far as 10 to 15m when you’re in front of them. There’s a fifty/fifty chance that your enemy will be using talents and will see you coming. As a result, you have to be more careful than you do in other MMOs.

When you’re in stealth, you won’t be detected if you’re behind one of your teammates or in some cases, when you’re beside of them because it reduces the range of the stealth detection to about 5m.

You’ll need to use Sneak when passing the enemy so you can get into position to attack without being detected. Using it whenever you think other stealth players are close can give you and your team the upper hand it needs to win the battle. Anytime you go up against a team that’s equal in skill, you’ll need this type of advantage to win.

Scrapper Smuggler Combat Tips

In any MMO, it helps to have a few good tips to use when in combat. It can help you stay alive while you’re improving your skills. Here are a few Scrapper Smuggler combat tips that can make a difference in the outcome of your game.

  • Keeping up with your interrupts can be the deciding factor in a battle so keep them on your bar and use them as needed.
  • Flashbang is a good choice when you’re caught up in a clutch situation and you can even heal yourself with it, so it’s a great move.
  • Use kick when you’re being spammed by tracer missiles and your enemy will have to wait 4 seconds, buying you a little time.
  • One of the most important things to learn is when to burst your energy because there are times when conserving your energy is vital to your success.
  • Plan a strategic attack when slamming out DPS and switch to some flurry bolts when your energy hits about 60.
  • Every now and then, you can kite lightsaber the melee class. This is a great move to use during cool downs. If you attack a player who is being guarded with a CC that can do damage, it will also affect the tank who is protecting that player. Therefore, you’re actually doing damage to two players with one attack.
  • Pay close attention to your enemy and when you know they’re going to knock you back, try to have some control over it. For example, placing your back against an object or trying to point yourself in a safe direction can make a difference. You should also stay behind your opponents as much as you can.

As your skills improve, you’ll learn new moves and strategies to use in combat but these can help you get off to a great start.

Do Some Research

When you’re in a PVP setting, your skills are very important but they may not be enough to help your team win. If you want to have an advantage over your enemy, do some research and learn about the other classes. When you know who does what, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what strategies your opponents might use in battle. It gives you something to work with so you can plan out your strategies. In short, it helps you prepare for battle. Torhead is a great site where you can learn about the specs and abilities each class possess.

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