How can blockchain protect the casino players?

 Blockchain makes the entire game process and algorithms transparent: it displays transactions and actions of both in an unchanged public registry.

Will not allow to trick with algorithms

In traditional online casinos, most of the in-game information is hidden from the user. Therefore, the results are not susceptible to different kinds of manipulation. Several online platforms that use blockchain to guarantee fair play come up with understandable ways to ensure transparency.

For example, TruePlay, a blockchain solution provider uses its own Honesty Control technology, with which the user can check if someone has made changes to the algorithm for delivering game results and Mr.Bet casino no deposit bonus.

In practice, it looks like this:

  • For syndicate roulette, this is a sequence of numbers that will fall out on a drum, and for dice, a sequence of numbers that will fall out on cubes.
  • The sequence ends up in temporary storage, where the player can’t just peek.
  • A special service generates an entire sequence’s hash and writes it to the blockchain.
  • When the online game begins, the algorithm retrieves the results from the repository and enters the game. The player sees how certain cards are dealt.
  • At the end of the session, the player can view all the pre-generated results of the series in the temporary storage and see if they coincide with his observations.
  • As a result, the user can make sure that the casino does not interfere with the algorithms and sets of values ​​according to which cards are issued or a number is rolled on the dice.
  • Many Syndicate casino slots in the online gambling industry are accepting cryptocurrency as a deposit. The real implementation of blockchain technology in controlling the honesty of games and the operation of the casino.