The Casino Influence on Video Games

The evolution of online casinos shows us that game developers have used many ideas from the gaming world for making casinos what they are today. Stunning visuals combined with craftily designed interfaces propelled online gambling into a new mobile era where the line between gaming and gambling becomes very blurry. There is a flip side to that coin as the casino industry is also influencing the videogame world in so many ways. This only shows how these two worlds are intertwined but can contribute so much to each other by looking up to their counterparts in some areas. If you are a videogame fan, you are about to become a gambling fan as well shortly.

Introducing chance into video games

Playing strategy or RPG games has evolved to some point where players can explore vast virtual open worlds and connect with millions of other players in multiplayer clashes and online tournaments. When online gaming came to life and attracted substantial audience developers saw a golden opportunity to monetize this by introducing some innovations that may resemble casino gameplay. Introducing the lootbox concept along with donations into their gameplay, developers meant introducing an element of chance and randomness that makes gaming more unpredictable. If a game no longer takes a linear path you might as well be playing roulette rather than an open-world adventure, but the audience seems to accept this new approach with some vigor of a gambler who happens to like videogames. While developers are making more money than ever with this new revolutionary approach, the gaming community is raising some red flags over this issue.

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They are concerned that this may have bad consequences on player’s psychology and that gambling should stay in the world of casinos. It is really on every player to decide for himself but one undeniable fact is that casinos are exerting their influence on this industry with great success. It is a mutual benefit as players are crossing over from one world to another as they no longer feel restricted by boundaries between these two industries. Controversies, legal matters, and other issues that come along will be forgotten once everybody benefits from new and better ways of making money. This is real and this is happening and will keep evolving according to player’s wishes and demands as developers are only listening to what our gaming community has to say so they can translate their wishes into reality.

Popular culture references

The influence does not stop there as casinos are conquering our popular culture in so many ways since the beginning of this century. We are familiar with big Hollywood blockbusters that feature some scenes happening inside a casino or at a poker table. There are even entire movies dedicated to some story revolving around gambling or just trying to rob a casino like in Ocean’s Eleven. These were made long before the best online joints started using Paysafe casino system for regulating their transactions. These places will get the best review these days by the modern players who appreciate these innovations.

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Movie references shifted toward the videogame industry since these became globally popular so it was just a matter of time before someone figures out how to use them as some marketing tool. You may find some beautifully designed casino setting embedded into some gameplay where each player must complete a level in these surroundings. There are also video games fully committed to bringing you some casino touch as they represent virtual casino simulators which aim to educate some wider audience. These are like some virtual tutorials made for rookie players who want to improve their gambling skills and learn about game mechanics before trying some real online casinos. They create a safe environment and a comfort zone which can be used as some stepping stone for improving one’s gambling skills.

The future of gaming

Many may wonder is this a marriage between these industries made out of benefit hat they bring to each other, and our answer is definitely — yes. This is true and so obvious or otherwise, it wouldn’t be made possible for them to function this way and reference each other as they do. Making money brings people closer together in so many ways and gambling and gaming bring souls together by giving everybody an enjoyable pastime. After lootbox mania, everybody wonders, what will be the next innovation in this field? Virtual reality will open a new era for a crossbreed between these industries as it will erase the borders between them even further.

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Casinos influencing the gaming industry is no surprise as every other industry wants to get a piece of the gambling pie as everybody knows that the house always wins. That is the real reason why gaming is looking for an opportunity to rebrand itself a new way that resembles gambling a little bit. Randomizing custom content is just the beginning of this process which will evolve according to some feedback given by the players and any resistance made by concerned parties. We will witness this ongoing issue in the future as players are eager to make their game more exciting while authorities want to get a strong grip on anything that resembles gambling. Meanwhile, online casinos will benefit from this exposure and regard it as a free advertisement.

Fasten your seatbelts and prepare for a ride of a lifetime as we are witnessing a tectonic shift within the gaming industry. We will witness even more casino references, more casino-themed games, and definitely more lootboxing in the future. At least it is all for a good cause, which is bringing you countless hours of joy and fun.