Fallen Order’s Success Is a Stepping Stone for Future Chapters

After numerous attempts to create a video game that could live up to the legacy of the Star Wars universe, Electronic Arts hit the jackpot by releasing Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. The story of Cal Kestis was so well structured, that it was instantly loved both by the critics as well as the players. That love was also reflected on the sales of the game, as Fallen Order managed to sell over seven million copies within the first six weeks of its release. 


Despite that fact that EA has not made any official announcements in regards to a sequel, a second chapter feels like a natural next step for the story. The game’s ground-breaking record sales show that there is a big enough audience on which Electronic Arts can rely on if a sequel is released. However, creating a Fallen Order game is not going to be easy.

The Star Wars universe is, without a doubt, huge and already having a story on which to build on can make things a little bit easier. Nevertheless, putting the pieces of the story together is not as easy as finding great online slots at a licensed operator. To get things right, Respawn Entertainment’s content developers will need to find the right balance between refreshing the mechanics of the title and maintaining the features that made the first game special. Getting this done will probably take a while, and it is, therefore, unlikely to see a Fallen Order 2 game being released for PlayStation 4 or Xbox One. 


One can only assume that a Fallen Order sequel will be getting released on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X consoles because the 8th generation consoles are heading towards the end of their life cycle. With the estimated release dates for PS5 and Xbox Series X being around the Christmas period of 2020, it does not look like we will be getting our hands on a Fallen Order 2 game before 2021.  

A Long Time to Wait – A Long List of Games to Play

Having to wait for a game you are really looking forward to playing can be quite challenging. If you do not think it is a big deal, then you can ask all those Final Fantasy enthusiasts who had been waiting for almost five years to play the remake of FF7. Luckily, there are several interesting games scheduled for release in the months to come. 

In the long list of upcoming games, one can find titles such as The Avengers, Ghost of Tsushima, Rainbow Six Quarantine, Watch Dogs Legion, Outriders, Halo Infinite, Lords of the Fallen 2 and a dozen other games. Among them, you will also find a game belonging to the Star Wars Universe, and this is no different than Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. This game will consist of chapters from all nine movies, and it is expected to be released between September and October of 2020. As for those that do not have an interest for other types of games, there is always the option of restarting the first Fallen Order game and of taking a full-scale completionist approach in terms of finishing the game.