Battlefront a “Unique” Beast of a Game Set to Sell 9-10 Million Copies

star wars battlefront

The upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront is one of the most hotly anticipated games of the last few years, and while the developer has apparently spared no resources in its creation, EA are expecting to cash in big time come November 17, when Battlefront is scheduled to be launched on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. According to CFO Blake Jorgensen, the sales estimate on the title is some 9-10 million copies, in EA’s 2016 fiscal year alone (which wraps up in March 2016). Obviously, the long-term potential for the title is much greater.

Jorgensen also sought to allay potential fears tied to the actual launch of the product, fears which have been somewhat justified since the problem-ridden, botched launch of Battlefield 4. According to Jorgensen, EA have learned their lessons then, and there aren’t any such unpleasant surprises to be expected with Battlefront.

In other Battlefront news: DICE have made this point several times, but it always bears repeating: Star Wars: Battlefront will be a unique sort of beast of its own in many ways. Many of the game’s features have nothing to do with anything done in previous Battlefront games, and the title as a whole is a tribute to the first movies, in ways that are made obvious in the trailers. Explosions in the game look like the special effects explosions of the 80s and not what one would expect from a modern video game aiming for realism. The original Star Wars atmosphere is everywhere, as DICE have just confirmed that the weapons will indeed come without iron sights. Some of the rifles will have scopes, but your run-of-the-mill blasters won’t (which might explain the woeful shooting on the part of most antagonists in the original films).