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swtor Knights of the Fallen Empire

Lead Writer on Star Wars: The old Republic, Charles Boyd took on the forums, expanding a bit on the story and companions for the upcomming expansion Knights of the Fallen Empire. Check it out below:

KOTFE Story and Companions | 06.17.2015, 07:08 PM

Hey folks!
Seeing all of the discussion around our Knights of the Fallen Empire announcement has been awesome! It means a lot to the writing team to see how much y’all care about the details of the story and characters of SWTOR, and all of the insightful questions and debates that flow from that. I’m here to hopefully shed a bit of light on a few of the most common questions I’ve seen.

Up front, I think the best answer I can give to any story question is that it’s always best to wait and see how the story itself will answer it. I personally just hate giving out spoilers, so I won’t be doing that here. I promise, the main storyline of KOTFE is all about the things y’all have been asking, and October is going to be here very soon. In the meantime, though, let’s see if we can’t at least clarify a couple of things now:

  • The Outlander: your character’s past will be a key part of their identity as the Outlander moving forward. The choices you’ve made, romances you’ve pursued, your class, etc are all a part of who your character is, and those decisions will be honored in KOTFE; often in unexpected ways. How that works for characters who are created at level 60 is something we’ll dive into in the future, but we will not be setting a “canon” version of any class or world storyline. Your choices matter – that’s at the heart of our storytelling philosophy at Bioware.
  • Companions: there’s a ton of stuff going on with companions in this release, and we’re not ready to dive into most of it just yet. What I can say is that past companions will return in the story, sometimes as very critical parts of the overall story shared by all Outlanders. Which classes can recruit which characters, who can be romanced, who can you kill and who might betray you? You’ll have to play and see  Finally, I’ve seen a lot of people referencing the KOTFE page’s character list as a list of companions – not everyone on that list will become a companion, and not every companion in the story is included in that list.
  • Valkorion: who is this guy? What happened to that other Emperor? Aren’t they both actually Jadus, who’s secretly Kephess, who’s actually a mutated clone of Kai Zykken created by Fez Burba for the Star Cabal’s secret war against the Shroud? OK, so I actually haven’t seen that theory, but IT’S ALL TRUE TELL EVERYONE BEFORE IT’S TOO LA—-

[Charles had to take a few days off to relax, but he’ll be back in time to answer more questions at our Community Cantina event at San Diego Comic Con next month! – Musco]