More Returning Companions comming to SWTOR?

The devs over at Bioware had a short developer livestream yesterday. The livestream was allabout upcoming content in the future.

They were online for a grand total of 11 minutes and only talked for about 5 minutes, at which point they just hosted SWTORCentral’s channel as a “demonstration of the new content.”

  • Giveaway on SWTORCentral’s channel
  • 5.7 is cool
  • Name-dropped Kira and Jaesa as companions to return sooner rather than later
  • Keith might troll Twitch chat (he didn’t)
  • Reviewed 5.7’s returning companions and Scyva
  • Roadmap coming in mid-February
  • lol lots more companions coming stay tuned lolz
  • lol lets make Scyva puns
  • Charles won’t confirm that Scyva is the mother of Kai Zykken
  • Plugs subscriber Origin deal

*Cuts to SWTORCentral stream

The chat was filled with people talking mostly about the Kotaku/Anthem article, and Eric and Charles both mentioned different things going on in chat but not the thing that we were talking about more frequently, which was frustrating.