Top 5 Female SITH from Star Wars

While many people know the male Sith lords, fewer people know about the great females of the Sith. This was an equal opportunity universe and there were just as many female powerful Sith as there were male. In fact, some of the females rose to power, overtaking their own masters, or leading independently in their own right. Here’s a great video I happened upon that lists some of the top five female Sith from Star Wars. One reason I love this video so much is that he pretty much picked my picks. If I had to create a top list, it would include the same ladies. In fact, I would have picked the very same one for 1st place.

The title Lady of the Sith is the female equivalent to Lord of the Sith and there have been quite a few of them over the generations of Star Wars lore. You can’t fully discuss the Dark side if you leave out these awesome Dark ladies. So go ahead and give the video below and watch and let us know if you agree with the list. Were there any that were left out? Did your favorites make the list?

“We count down the top 5 female Sith lords known as ladies of the Sith. We discuss the origin and power of these Sith and explore what makes them so dangerous and powerful, in fact some of the most powerful characters in the Star Wars universe.”

Check it out here:

So who is your favorite lady of the Sith?

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