How Marka Ragnos Created The Most Powerful Sith of All Time

The chains of the grave cannot hold a Dark Lord of the Sith…“―Marka Ragnos

Who was the most powerful Sith of all time and how did he come to be? Over the history of Star Wars, we’ve seen fallen Jedi and those who swapped sides. Marka Ragnos was a half-breed Dark Lord of the Sith with very rare, powerful ability and strength. He lived during the time of the first Sith Empire. Ragnos defeated Simus, who was beheaded in the battle with the other aspiring Dark Lord. He lived for more than a hundred years, growing in power. He died shortly before the Great Hyperspace War and lived on as a Force ghost after his death. Ragnos would go down in history for more than just his own standing as a great, strong Dark Lord. However, he would also be known for inspiring the Sith with respect, and also for creating the most powerful Sith of all time.

“One of the first ever Sith lords was Marka Ragnos as he reigned over the Sith empire for over 100 years. In this video we explain his history and connection to another powerful Sith that some claim even now as the most powerful dark lord of all time. We explain how this individual at the age of 13 found Ragnos and the council that Ragnos gave him that would eventually claim the Sith empire for the young boy and allow to him to destroy his enemies.”

See the video here for full explanation:

Did you learn something new in this video? Do you understand now how Marka Ragnos created this very powerful Sith?

Lisa Clark

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