Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Casinos And Gambling

Gambling is almost as old as man. Being the activity that people of all classes engage in, it has spurn many interesting tales. With the recent acceptance of gambling in major countries,  new online casino experiences are not hard to find. This development has attracted more players and it is necessary to put out interesting facts about casinos and gambling which you might not be aware of.

Gambling Sparked The Invention Of Sandwich: John Montagu is credited with the invention of sandwich. The story of the invention is however not known to many. Montagu was said to be a lover of gambling, usually going on 24-hour gambling streaks. On one of such streaks, he ordered his cook to make him something he could eat while giving his game full attention. The cook was smart enough to make a meal of two pieces of toast with sliced meat in the middle. Thus, sandwich was invented, and has become a worldwide delicacy since.

Las Vegas Is Not The Gambling Capital Of The World: Many people regard Las Vegas ad the world capital of gambling. This is a wrong notion actually as Chinese city, Macau is home to the highest volume of gambling. As recently as 2012, Macau had about five times the casino revenues of Las Vegas.

The First Casino License In Las Vegas: Casino business is a male dominated industry. This is why it is surprising that a woman was issued the first casino license in Las Vegas.

The woman named Mayme Stock got her license in 1920.

First Slot Machine: The first slot machine was invented by Charles Fey. The interesting tales thing about this invention is, it was used in an auto shop and not a casino. Fey was a mechanic who had the good thinking to set up the slot (called Liberty Bell) machine at his shop to entertain his customers while work was being done on their vehicles. Later on, these slots were added as new casino games throughout gambling establishments and became an integral part of all casinos.

FedEx And Gambling: FedEx is a global courier delivery service with a net income of about US$2.977 billion. The company however owes its survival to gambling.

Founder Frederick Smith, gambled with the $5000 that the company had left in 1973. Smith played Blackjack in Las Vegas with the money and won $27,000, which saved the company from bankruptcy.