5 Interesting Facts About Online Casino Gambling in UAE

Residents of the United Arab Emirates, as well as in many other countries, are often passionate about gambling. This is probably an entertainment that is popular on the global scale, and unites its fans across the whole world. 

However, while many countries already have legal regulations about land based and online casinos, or at least take this entertainment easily, UAE is an exception. If you are interested in online casino UAE, better check out the laws that apply first. The United Arab Emirates is not only a rich country where locals may look for luxurious entertainment like casinos, but is also a popular tourist destination, and visitors may also look for some entertainment they are used to, for example, at home. 

However, UAE is especially strict about gambling, so one must check out the legal situation before taking any risks. To know more, read those 5 interesting facts about online casino gambling in UAE. 

All Gambling is Prohibited 

In the United Arab Emirates, all kinds and types of gambling are legally prohibited. The prohibition applies to all online betting entertainments (even lotteries or charitable gambling activities). No land based casinos, sports betting, or animal racing betting is allowed in the country. The reason why is because the United Arab Emirates is an Islamic country, and it is also a theocratic country where religion defines the laws. Gambling is viewed as an addictive, potentially dangerous activity that leads to compulsive, uncontrolled behavior, uncontrolled spending, and to people forgetting their responsibilities. 

The Law Applies to Both Locals and Tourists 

Islamic laws are applied not only to local residents, but also to non-residents and even to tourists. As a result, tourists are also not allowed to play any games of chance or games of skill, even at social casinos in hotels and resorts, even at charity events; any private parties where gambling is organized are technically also illegal. This is why all tourists are strongly recommended to avoid any gambling activities whatsoever, offline or online, because the local laws do not make difference between residents and non-residents. Not knowing about the legal prohibition will not save the violator from punishment. 

The Punishments Are Impressive 

UAE applies impressive punishments for all participants of gambling activities – from operators who run land based facilities or online platforms, to players who make real money bets, to even viewers or other guests at the party, etc. 

The punishments are strict, and suggest huge fines, up to several years of imprisonment, or both. Even tourists can get into trouble and later into UAE prison, for illegal betting entertainment. 

Cruise Ships Are Not an Option 

In many countries that apply similarly strict anti-gambling laws, locals and tourists are allowed to make some real money bets at least on cruise ships that enter the country’s ports. However, in the United Arab Emirates, even cruise ships are required to close their casinos for the period when they stay in the country’s ports, and they are not allowed to open casinos until they sail to international waters. Also, there are cases when locals who were known to play casino games onboard the cruise ships, were to face punishment upon returning home. 

Online Casinos Are Blocked 

Again, in contrast to many other countries with strict anti-gambling laws, UAE is equally strict and consistent with its approach to online casinos run from abroad, targeting local residents. The government tracks, blacklists, and blocks these platforms heavily. It also tracks all online activity of the country’s residents, and in case anyone seems to access platforms resembling online casinos, severe punishment may follow. Internet providers are obliged to track the traffic and report to the relevant agencies on cases they find suspicious. VPNs are banned in the country, too. 

That does not mean, of course, that citizens of UAE do not access any web gambling platforms. They do, and still find ways to make deposits and bets on their favourite casino games. 

Final Thoughts 

It is unlikely that UAE will change its approach to gambling anytime soon. While there are still reputable and reliable licensed online casinos that accept players from this country, it is recommended to be really careful with this activity.