Incoming changes to ‘global cooldown’ UI

There has been a lot of talk recently about SWTOR global cooldown UI, the interface changes that were made as part of patch 1.1.2 as well as what players would like to see in the UI. Many players also had opinions and complaints about the look of the ‘global cooldown’ animations. So BioWare staff listened to these concerns and took them seriously.

Now they have announced on the official SWTOR blog thatthere will be some incoming changes to the global cooldown UI.
OurUI team took this feedback to heart and worked up a solution which gives everyplayer a lot more choices in how cooldown animations are displayed. If you’rehappy with the way the game currently looks, you can ignore these changes – butwe think some of these preferences will be welcomed by many players.
Currently,these new preferences are scheduled to be added to the game in patch 1.1.4,which should be available for preview on the Public Test Server next week anddeploying to the live servers soon afterwards.
Here’sa screenshot of the new portion of the User Interface section of thePreferences menu which deals with cooldown settings, and some details on theoptions available to you.
The plan is that these new preferences will give us playersmore control over the cooldown options and more flexibility in the UI. These changesare expected to roll out in patch 1.1.4.
They also say “Expect to see many more UI customizationoptions in Game Update 1.2 as well!”

Lisa Clark

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