Global SWTOR Cosplay Swag

What’s up everyone out in the Star Wars diaspora! We here at SWTORStrategies have previously brought to your attention some epic SWTOR Cosplay models bringing the vision of SWTOR to real life, with menacing smiles, banging blasters and deadly lightsabers!

Legendary SWTOR journalist Lisa Mason, wrote these previous articles on two cosplay masters, who brought excellent renditions of Grand Master Satele Shan to planet Earth.


Abby Dark-Star155865_464552156939530_436511480_n

But these aren’t the only two who did the work for costume design, photo shoots and even some post image production effects. Today, we’re going to share some of those masterpieces which come from numerous countries like Spain, France, New Zealand, the United States and the Netherlands. I’m going to have to look deeper into Japan’s Cosplay movement, because I know I missed some of their work. Though I don’t believe SWTOR was ever released in Japanese. If you find yourself impressed, please go to their pages, look up more of their projects and show some love and support.

 SWTOR Cosplay

“Oola keeps Jabba happy. Jabba keeps Oola alive.” – Bib Fortuna

A Mirialan Old Republic Dancer looking for the faint glimmer of stars through the smog of Nar Shaddaa, brought to life by Th4m, a Star herself.swtor___republic_dancer_by_th4m-d5dm7e8


Bounty Hunters

“”When you need me again, Vader, and you will, my price will be triple.” – Boba Fett

A Twi’Lek Bounty Hunter has you in her sites, by cosplay model, Pereprin and photographer, BlizzardTerrak.5831401d7c26a390b3109bc5415989aa-d2xnds9


Ruthless Bounty Hunter, Shae Vizla honing in on her prey, by cosplay model Static-sidhe and cosplay designer Glittersweet.shae_vizla_02_by_static_sidhe-d4h28fg



No target can hide from her, not even in the club. Modeled by Angie, Photo by Tien Enga, design by HapaJedi.twi__lek_bounty_hunter_sniper_2_by_hapajedi-d3r6rag


Eleena Daru not being entirely loyal to her lover Darth Malgus, patiently waiting for her order of the Darth Vader Burger, with her excited BFF, Bounty Hunter Shae Vizla by NatAtlante and Tya.eleena_daru___star_wars__swtor__by_natatalante-d4s3ymx


“I take orders from just one person. Me!” – Han Solo

A Twi’lek Smuggler getting one over ya, by Applenauttwi__lek_smuggler_by_applenaut-d46a9bj

One of our first smugglers ever, by PosiTori better known as the legendary Jedi Barbieswtor_smuggler_by_positori-d2zbm1q

Super Model Sandy Bell doing one of the earliest SWTOR Cosplay for CosplayErotica swtor_smuggler_02_by_cosplayerotica-d4j64bx



A Smuggler maverick, who simply refuses to get caught! She’s smuggling those slaves to freedom no matter what, by IAmiKol.swtor___smuggler_by_lamikol-d4w7e4m



290ac1cc754d187f0f19458f606dba4a-d4w7dumI love this one. It’s so damn cute!love_for_toshiba_by_lamikol-d4w7eu2


“Peace is a lie, there is only passion.
Through passion, I gain strength.
Through strength, I gain power.
Through power, I gain victory.
Through victory, my chains are broken.
The Force shall free me.” – Sith Lord Sorzus Syn

A Sith pure blood ignites his really cool lightsaber halberd, by Erikku-kun. I would put more of his pictures because this guy truly rocks, I mean look at this! It’s epic! But Lisa Mason already covered it on SWTORSTrategies, here, where he did a duet project with Shanoa. They are a great team. I love that weapon, with the metal ring, reminds me of my 57inch Chinese broadsword. This Sith is a power house, built for war!sith_pureblood_by_nebulaluben-d4dxven

A Sith Lord drunk with power, unadulterated POWER!!, by PorcelainPoet.00894bf864986bf4971143094e64cd67-d4v5rlv



A Jedi who got “lost” or “found herself” exploring the forbidden side of the Force. A candle is forever lit waiting for her return at the Temple. A work in progress, by Fox-Berry. scion__cosplay_swtor_by_kitsu_feathers-d5by5oz

A Sith Inquisitor stands inquisitively by Gnashchiksith_inquisitor___swtor_by_gnashchick-d5jv6ll

Enter the darkness of Darth Malgus by VMCampos7719064012_71727493df_o


“The crystal is the heart of the blade.
The heart is the crystal of the Jedi.
The Jedi is the crystal of the Force.
The Force is the blade of the heart.
All are intertwined.
The crystal, the blade, the Jedi.
We are one.” – Jedi Code of the Crystal

Ashara Zavros, a Jedi who some suspect is under some kind of dark influence, by LauraXavier.ashara_zavros_cosplay_by_lauraxavier-d4q6m7w


A Jedi historian who knows her way around lightsabers, AND the history of their origin, by AnariaZar-Rel  twi__lek_jedi_historian_by_anariazar_rel-d4es75v

Knights of the Old Republic

“”Love is making a shot to the knees of a target 12 kilometers away using an aratech sniper rifle with a tri-light scope.” – HK-47

Any SWTOR gamer who has also played KOTOR I & II knows SWTOR is basically KOTOR 3,4,5,6 and 7, but with players everywhere. So I figured I should share some KOTOR cosplay since we’re on the subject.

This 2010 series is just too amazing for words. See more here. kotor__7__by_nebulaluben-d3c4zef



Bastila Shan in a masterful defensive stance brought to life by Superstar cosplay model Marylin for cosplayerotica.bastila_shan_by_cosplayerotica-d5l28a2

When I first saw this, I immediately assumed it was Mission Vao from KOTOR, it turns out she’s not. But I’m going to leave this here anyways, because they may be related. This Twi-lek was brought to life by Vampire Kitten.Twilek_Cosplay_New_Outfit_by_VampireKitten182

So that’s all for now. We here at SWTORStrategies hope to see more SWTOR Cosplay in the future. I’m sure the entire SWTOR community wants to see more. Sadly, I was just told by Nebulaluben from Spain, that they will not be doing any more SWTOR Cosplay. If you noticed their work is definitely top notch, I would say the best. Hopefully they will change their mind, because since SWTOR went F2P, it is here to stay. Still I may be too hopeful because SWTOR never released the game in Spanish, and its best Cosplayers are from Spain – and who knows what would of came out of Latin America. On the bright side, new Cosplayers are still at it, if you also noticed some of these are a still a work in progress. I’m not a Cosplayer, but writing this really introduced me to a world, I will with out a doubt keep an eye on. Stay tuned, because in the next few days, there will be another SWTOR Cosplay treat for you! A rather creative one, I might add.

For now, we leave you with this. A tribute to those who basically went all out for the win.