Random House Releases Revan Novel Excerpt

Good news for Revan fans today! Random House posted an excerpt of Chapter One from Revan, Drew Karpyshyn‘s upcoming Star Wars: The Old Republic novel. This is an add-on from the synopsis we previously reported this week.

The book, which goes on sale November 15, 2011, is a must-read for SWTOR lore fans or anyone who follows Star Wars story or Karpyshyn’s work.

Here in the excerpt, you can learn more about the environment and the people of Dromund Kass, and learn more about Lord Scourge.

The novel synopsis is also available here, along with a bio of the author if you’re not familiar with his work. Check it out for a sneak peek at Chapter One and let us know what you think.

Visit the Random House site to read the full excerpt.

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