SWTOR F2P & Future content interview with Damion Schubert

SWTOR F2P & Future content interview with Damion Schubert

Dulfy had the opportunity to interview Lead Designer Damion Schubert regarding the F2P option launching yesterday. Dulfy was good enough to take questions from the readers of her blog. reading through the interview I found some of the most interesting key points to be:

Check out the full interview over at dulfu.net or read our small snippet below:

What was the biggest challenge in converting such a massive MMO into a FTP model?

It would have to be giving away as much as humanly possible to our free to play players, while still ensuring that our subscribers felt like they were getting a great value. Both populations of players are a key component to Star Wars: The Old Republic’s path forward, so getting this tricky balance correct is crucial.

Compared to other FTP MMO games in the market, what makes the SWTOR FTP model unique?

I think it really is the amount of free content that you get. We made the decision to allow players to reach level 50 without paying if they so desire, which means that they can play all of our core stories for free. This is a staggering amount of free content – roughly equal to more than 20 standalone Bioware games – and while free players will find that some light spending in the cartel market will make things easier or faster, they have the option of playing this content 100% for free.