Mr. Robot Gives Away Free Digital Copies of Your Character

Mr. Robot has just launched their character API so players working on SWTOR tools or spreadsheets can import character information from the site, including character information, all of their gear, datacrons, skill tree points, and more. Mr. Robot says “We believe that opening this information up to other developers will mean more cool tools for all of us to use” and we couldn’t agree more.

More info from Mr. Robot:

  • See an example character, Zoopercat
  • The Simulationcraft project is already working on some uses for it, as well as some of the guys over at
  • I know a lot of people are looking to compare gear stats from the current release to 1.2. You can take a look at Dulfy’s article, which has links to Mr. Robot Characters. And that means, you can use those characters with our API to import into any tools or spreadsheets you’re using.
  • You can read our documentation here, which includes even more info than the technical details below.

Technical details: Note that this is not 100% final, but it will probably not change much from the current form.

Known Issues:

  • Armor and Weapon Damage are missing from item stats, these will be added in the final version.
  • Only the player’s first gear set (“Gear” tab on the character builder UI) is available. The final API will likely provide a way for you to specify any (or multiple) gear sets to retrieve, as well as companion gear sets.

Lisa Clark

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