Ask Mr. Robot Character Profile and Combat Logs are updated for 1.4!

Profile and Combat Logs are updated for 1.4!If you’ve been waiting on an update from Ask Mr. Robot, it’s here now. Ask Mr. Robot Character Profile and Combat Logs are updated for 1.4! So now  you can insure that you are getting the right gear for your toon and taking your gear in the proper direction.

Newly updated for 1.4 so you can stay up to date on your characters, use their character build, browse the armory or even use the SWTOR skill calculator to plan your character or see that you are making the right choices in your character. Ask Mr. Robot is a fantastic tool to have in your SWTOR toolbox.

Their team works very hard to stay up to date and give you what you need, when you need it.

Mr. Robot’s Star Wars: The Old Republic Tools:

Character Builder

Build your SWTOR character! Includes gear, companions, skills, crew skills, guild, server, and more. You can choose to add your character to Mr. Robot’s SWTOR Armory – this lets people search and view your character! Also, third party tools (like simulators) can import your data.

Mr. Robot’s Armory

Search for characters that you and others have created using the Character Builder! Other websites and theorycrafting tools can also use these profiles to do their magic. Mr. Robot likes to share.

Skill Calculator

In addition to experimenting with skills for all advanced classes, Mr. Robot will soon have recommended builds for popular specs!

Item Database

Mr. Robot’s item database is fully integrated with the Character Builder. He boasts the most complete, accurate, and searchable data you can find.

Combat Log Viewer

Upload and view your combat logs. Merge all of the logs from a flashpoint or operation into a single log without any hassle! Store as many logs as you want for as long as you want.

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