The Guild Testing Program Details

First of all I would like apologize for the lack of updates on our website the last couple of days. Currently I’m with my family on vacation in an area of Denmark were internet haven’t been invented yet. At the same time Lisa is on holiday with her family, so she is also having a hard time finding time to write. I found a place 75 km from our holiday home were internet can be found though, so I will be driving there each day to keep you updated!

Here is a quick one before we start posting Gamescom stuff:

If you want to join the SWTOR Guild Testing Program, make sure your guild has at least 10 registered members. Guilds are then selected at random to participate. Currently European guilds are not eligible as the EU Guild Testing program has not yet begun, but will soon.

For more information about the SWTOR Guild Testing Program, then head over to the official forum post.