TOR TV: PTS 2.7 stuff ( Warning: Spoilers)

swtor Theron Shan

SWTOR Patch 2.7 is available on the public test servers now, and video footage is coming in. These videos have tons of spoilers, so watch this on your own risk. The videos below include everything from flashpoint playthrough, rare loot drops to pre-chat with Theron Shan.

I played both Republic Variants earlier. They were more challenging than KDY and Czerka, but not that much more.

Both flashpoints featured heavily demolished versions of the starter planet. Korriban especially featured some areas where the path through the rubble wasn’t immediately clear.

The only difference is the story and npc skins though. Lana Beniko was definitely more intriguing to me than Theron. Very interesting to see a story like this from both sides. Excited to see where it’s going.

Korriban Incursion, Empire

Theron Shan

Patch 2.7 PTS – Assault on Tython (Imp)

Assault on Tython Full Run [Solo Marauder]

Assault on Tython & Korriban Incursion rare drops