Online Casino in Canada

Most of the world has been cooped up in their homes for weeks to months now, battling the coronavirus pandemic. This can take its toll on you, depending on how isolated you are, and for how long. This is why many people are revisiting old hobbies or even forming new ones. People everywhere are looking for new ways to pass them time safely at home, until this all passes, and we can return to our routine. 

Online gaming is one such pastime and there are many ways to enjoy games while you’re staying indoors and remaining safe. Of course, there are some great Star Wars games, which you can browse our site to learn much more about. 

But there are also games to play online. For example, online casinos. If you like gambling and slots, then online casinos can be a great way to get the games you love from the comfort and safety of your own home. Imagine just sitting at home in your PJs or whatever makes you comfortable, and playing your favorite slots or casino games. 

A quick search through any search engine will show tons of online casino sites. With so many online casinos, however, it can be difficult to choose which ones you want to play at. 

If you want an online casino in Canada, here’s a good choice. Casino Chan is accessible in several other regions as well and has a great signup bonus of 500 CAD and 120 free spins. Some of their popular games include Magic Stars, Bonanza, Valley of the Gods, and Lightning Roulette. 

They also have regularly updated new games like Beat the Beast, Diamond Blitz, All Star Knockout, Fruit Rainbow, and Arabian Spins. Casino sites that update their games regularly are great because it keeps you from getting bored. There’s always something new to try out. 

They also offer roulette, Blackjack, and some Bitcoin games. And it seems some games you can play live with other people – so that’s also a win. So, why are we talking about online casinos on a Star Wars gaming site? I’m glad you asked!

Well, the past has shown us that many Star Wars game fans also love playing online casino games. It’s a bit like having your own cantina right at your fingertips. 

While there is not direct gambling in SWTOR or other Star Wars games, and there probably never will be as long as Disney has the license and wants to keep it “family-friendly”, there are references to gambling and betting in the movies and in the original Star Wars universe itself. There’s clear crossover in many people who enjoy Star Wars fandom and playing Star Wars games and those who enjoy online gaming and gambling. 

What about you? Do you play other games online?