First SWTOR Game Update: “Rise of the Rakghouls”

The first major game update is coming for SWTOR on January 17th! Less than a month after the release of the very popular MMORPG, we will see a big update with some long anticipated changes and updates. Game Spot talked to Game Director James Ohlen about this update, “Rise of the Rakghouls” and what we all can expect.
GameSpot: So tell us about Star Wars: The Old Republic – Rise of the Rakghouls. What are the key points that every player should know? 
James Ohlen: Rise of the Rakghouls is our first content release. It includes an extension to Karagga’s Palace, which is one of the operations in our release game. It’s quite a huge extension. In the initial release of Karagga’s Palace, we only had a single boss monster. It was a relatively short operation. Now we’ve expanded that by four boss monsters–it’s significantly bigger, a lot more epic. We’ve added cinematics to it; it’s an entirely different experience now.
We’ve added [Kaon Under Siege], which is actually part one of a two-part epic story that takes place in the galaxy. The second part’s gonna come out with our release in March. Those are the two content releases that we’re giving. We’re doing a few small tweaks to the system. We’ve added anti-aliasing with this first game update, and a few tweaks to PVP, but we’ve got a lot more game system changes and additions in the second update which comes in March. And then every single update after that will have in addiiton to new content, new game systems. 
They talk about how there will be the usual game bug fixes, the new flashpoint, Karagga’s palace, Ilum, and the future of SWTOR PvP and much more.

Massively has an interview with Gabe Amatangelo to discuss the update and details as well. (Some spoilers are in this write-up but they warn you before and after).
Amatangelo says:
“We do have longer-term plans for open-world PvP. It is open-world PvP; it’s not an RvR system. I kept trying to throw that out there. I’m not saying that it’s not something we don’t want to do.”
So what do you think? Are you ready for the update? Think it will have what we want to fix bugs and keep SWTOR fresh? Are you excited for “Rise of the Rakghouls”?

Lisa Clark

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