The SWTOR RP Class Selection Flowchart!

A Reddit user, DarthRevan, created and shared a class selection flowchart to help us all out.
His post reads:
I made it relatively quickly in MS Paint, so I apologize if it’s not so visually appealing. It was meant to be functional, and is a first draft of sorts. I would love any feedback, and I might even revise it if people find it helpful with some tweaks.
If someone wants to make a flowchart based on gameplay & mechanics (which I also think will be very helpful), I invite them to do so because I admit a lack of expertise on that.
So without further ado: The SWTOR RP Class Selection Flowchart!
Edit: I also found in the process of making this chart that it is very difficult to find short statements that encapsulate the actual choices, which are more complex. I tried my best, though.
Edit 2: People also seemed to find my post on faction choice useful, too, so that might help you as well.
Are you into roleplaying? Do you plan to RP in SWTOR? Do you think a chart like this would be helpful or are there things you’d like to see added or changed? Judging from the comments, the creator seems pretty open to suggestions. Check it out!

Lisa Clark

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