Reddit User Says: “I’ve silenced C2-N2 and You Can Too”

Who else is tired of hearing C2-N2? If this droid is driving you nuts like so many others players, then there might be a solution short of decommissioning him.

Remember this video we brought you the other day, “SWTOR Horror”? Well, you don’t have to end like the player in the video. There is another option and it’s a pretty simple fix. This Reddit user explains:

All you have to do is replace this file with an empty file by the same name.
·        swtor_en-us_cnv_comp_chars_rep_1.tor
·        (swtor_en-us_cnv_comp_chars_imp_1.tor if you’re an imp)
It appears the above file contains all the voice acting done by your companions based on your location. Like when you leave the base on hoth your companion says, “Hoth, it’s so damn cold blah blah blah blah blah” It was cool while leveling, it’s annoying now. It also has the chatter from c2-n2 every time you run past him.
These files
·        swtor_en-us_cnv_misc_1.tor
·        swtor_en-us_cnv_transitions_1.tor
Have the companions annoying little conversations every time you engage an enemy or finish a crafting mission. Simply replace them with an empty file too and enjoy the silence.
The game runs fine without these files, in fact it runs a little faster because it doesn’t need to load them.
CAUTION: Remember that we cannot guarantee what will happen when you begin changing game files. This fix also has not been tested after a patch so you may need to repair or replace files after patch days. It is advised that you save your original files in a safe location before saving the changes that you make so if you need to replace the changed files, you can do so easily with the originals.

Lisa Clark

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