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TOR TV: Galactic Starfighter Basics

I will be the first one to admit that even though I find Galactic Star Fighter (GSF) as one of the more interesting SWToR expansions, I never really got into it. The expansion always felt that it required a significant amount of time spent on it before one can do something useful in the battles. While there is nothing wrong with this concept, it does make it difficult for people with limited time to master it.

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Reddit User Says: “I’ve silenced C2-N2 and You Can Too”

Who else is tired of hearing C2-N2? If this droid is driving you nuts like so many others players, then there might be a solution short of decommissioning him. Remember this video we brought you the other day, “SWTOR Horror”? Well, you don’t have to end like the player in the video. There is another option and it’s a pretty simple fix. This Reddit user explains: All you have to do is replace this file with an empty file by the same name. ·        swtor_en-us_cnv_comp_chars_rep_1.tor ·        (swtor_en-us_cnv_comp_chars_imp_1.tor if you’re an imp) It appears the above file contains all the voice acting done by your companions based on your location. Like when you leave the base on hoth your companion says, “Hoth, it’s so damn cold blah blah blah blah blah” It was cool while leveling, it’s annoying now. It also has the chatter from c2-n2 every time you run past…

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Ultimate Starship Guide

Are you wanting to know more about starships? You’re not alone but now you can find a great rundown of everything you need to know about starships in SWTOR in the Ultimate Starship Guide video from TGN. In this video, Ned goes through all the features of Starships in the old republic in this Ultimate guide! He starts from the beginning with an explanation on how and when your hero gets a starship. He then goes into the purposes of your starship complete with screenshots from the game showing you exactly what the voiceover is talking about. Look at it like an inside tour of various starships you can see in the game. Next, he tells us how the starships are key for travel in the game (duh) but also tells us about hangars and where to find them as well as the basics of how you travel. Then he…

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