TOR TV: Galactic Starfighter Basics

I will be the first one to admit that even though I find Galactic Star Fighter (GSF) as one of the more interesting SWToR expansions, I never really got into it. The expansion always felt that it required a significant amount of time spent on it, before one can do something useful in the battles. While there is nothing wrong with this concept, it does make it difficult for people with limited time to master it.

If you’re in the same situation likeme then you will really appreciate the video put together by Youtube user Matrix Aran covering GSF basics. During the video, he covers the basics on the ships available, their systems and some basic tactics you might want to consider while playing the expansion.

The video-tutorial is extremely well-done, it’s informative and certainly very interesting. If you’re a rookie like me and want to get better at GSF, or you’re a top ace and you want refresh your memory in some of the basics, then you definitely need to watch it!