C3PO: Now With Added Jive

According to a newly released video, featuring never-before-seen footage from A New Hope, not all of George Lucas’ heavy-handed edit choices made it onto the Complete Saga blu-ray release that has no doubt burned a sizeable hole in every Star Wars fan’s bank account in the past few weeks. Some, even the Great Bearded One didn’t have the guts to go with.

This jaw-dropping video shows how Lucas was toying with the idea of having a “more modern, urban sounding” C-3PO, to add slightly more diversity (and thus an added injection of realism)into Episode IV.

What resulted has now become legenday…

The dialogue, which adds a whole new level of cool an attitude to c3PO, or C3p-DiddyO as he should perhaps now be called, was written and voiced by Brett Bayonne and published on YouTube thanks to The Distinguished Gentleman.