SWTOR Fan Friday and Gamescom Plans

It’s Friday witch means it’s the last work day of the week ( for most of us) and time for BioWare to update us on Star Wars: the old republic. Ihave to admit that this Friday is a kind of slow one, as one of today’s updates is simply an announcement outlining the team’s Gamescom plans. Attendees will get hands-on play time on each of the Origin Worlds, and lucky players will get to try out the Alderaan player-vs-player Warzone as we wrote about ealier today. The festivities taking place include an EA press conference on Tuesday, August 16 at 10am EDT.

As an added bonus to those members of the The Old Republic community, we will be housing a special area within the stand where you can play Warzone PvP.
This area is designed to allow members of the community to play Warzone matches in a slightly more relaxed environment, away from the rest of the hustle and bustle of the show floor. The room itself holds 16 players at any time, where 8 Republic players will battle against 8 Imperial combatants in the Alderaan Civil War.

You can bet your ass that we will be covering everything and all going on at Gamescom so remember to stop by.

Today’s second update is a new Fan Friday segment. As always, it includes pieces of fan art and a Q&A with French fan site Chimaera and three new wallpapers.

all in all pretty slow with no real updates, so we thought we will chip in with some stuff we cam by. Here is the Graphic settings old vs new shared by alterswtor

Old Graphic settings:

New Graphic settings: