SWTOR Room Invites are Out for GamesCom PvP

All applicants who requested to play “Alderaan Civil War PvP Warzone at GamesCom” need to take notice. On August 10, 2011, invites were sent out to all the lucky gamers who were accepted for this big event. However, some of the invites contained errors that need to be corrected concerning the day in which you are to participate.

A “system error” is responsible for the mix up and some of the invitations were emailed out with the wrong slot time. These invited certain gamers to play in the event taking place on Thursday but they had been assigned to the session taking place on Friday. It’s important to get this mix up taken care of so everyone will show up at the right time.

SWTOR issued this message “If you received an invite to take part in the event on Thursday, but you requested to play on Friday, please check your email inboxes again, as you may have another email with your correct time.”

Make sure you take the time to confirm the appointment you were given in order to hold your slot. Without this confirmation, you may not be able to participate even though you were chosen. If you received the second email message correcting the invites sent out for Thursday instead of Friday, be sure and confirm this one as well, even if you have already confirmed the first one.

Congratulations to all the gamers who were invited to take part in this special event. If you’re one of them, be sure to come tell us about it.