SWToR Gree Event analysis…or taking a closer look at gamer personalities.

The SWToR community never seizes to amaze me… Even though some limited negative examples tend to grab our attention every now and then (these exist in every community after all), there are certainly moments that you’re proud to be a SWToR gamer.  A recent example of this is Ardonorrin who posted an interesting analysis over the official SWToR forums dealing with the recently launched Gree event as well as the types of gamers the event appeals to.

SwtorAlts1What type of gamer are you? An explorer, an achiever, a socializer, or a killer?

His analysis is based off the Bartle test, a character theory based on the observations of Richard Bartle, the father of online multiplayer gaming and takes a closer look at the different types of gamers and essentially what makes an in-game event successful. It’s definitely a very interesting read and offers a different perspective on gaming as a whole.

Head over to the SWToR Forums to check it out!