Do you need to read the books to understand the game?

Star Wars and BioWare are both characterized by an enormous amount of Lore and stories. So far two novels and a bunch of web comics has been released describing the characters and surroundings in the massive universe of Star Wars: The old republic.

The first book that was released was Fatal Alliance by Sean Williams. The second – released a few weeks ago – is Deceived by Paul S. Kemp. At least one more novel is in the works by Drew Karpyshyn – but that is still nameless.

Other then the above novels and webcommics, Darkhorse has released countless of  printed comics and Del Rey lot’s of books describing famous lore characters Such as Exar Kun, Ulic Qel-Droma, Freedon Nadd and so on.

Taken this into account, it’s obvious that some people get nervous that they won’t get a clue when they start up the game if they aren’t prepared.

A forum poster by the name of OBOneKenobe asked:

“I think 3 books are out now Deceived (I know is one) I am just wondering if we need to read these books to fully understand the story?”

And SWTOR Lead Writer Daniel Erickson answered:

“You most definitely don’t need to read all the books and comics to enjoy the story in The Old Republic. Everything that your character would need to learn about the galaxy will be there for you in the world and class quests.

If you’re really someone that wants the full picture, however, some classes know more than other classes about certain subjects, and not everyone who tells you things in the world is right or truthful. So seeing different classes, the books, the comics and all the fun website pieces can give a more complete view of the entire galaxy. Both Blood of the Empire and Deceived, for example, really delve into unexplored areas of Sith social politics and what it’s like to live in the Empire. Hope that helps!”

So don’t worry about spending all summer reading up on SWTOR Lore. The game will be perfectly playable without you running to the library first, and if you ever come across something you want to know more about, know got you covered.