Games In Which You Can Never Win

A theoretical chance of winning should be present in any play for it to be considered a real game. When all you have is a prospect of a sad and sour loss, it’s not worth to engage in the playing process altogether. Some say you should focus on the journey and not the destination, but for some of us destination means much more than the journey. Nobody wants to be a loser, the result of the game matters the most, as it defines us as players, as masterminds behind the moves. Being caught in a situation where you can’t win is unfair. Some players just have an advantage over us, but there’s one competitor that will not give you any chance, not even a mathematical one.

Artificial Intelligence

Yes, that’s the one. AI wins every time and because of that many bright minds think that the machines will take over the world in some time, which will lead to the end of the world as we know it. Scientists say that humankind should be careful when improving the capabilities of robots and technologies. They might become a formidable force and a future adversary if we lose our focus even for a minute. Experiments already showed us how capable machines are, destroying the human opposition with their insane cerebral capabilities. There’s no limit to the brain power they can possess, there’s no ceiling for AI’s potential.

Online Casinos

Artificial intelligence is threatening a lot of technological fields, and online casinos were not an exception, with many experts believing that smart devices could destroy casino games as we see them with time, especially those that are based on the online platform. The threat was eradicated very simply – by fighting fire with fire. The effect of computer software on the gaming experience is regulated strictly. Online casinos use the same systems to fight the probable cheaters and cancel out the nefarious strategists, making it an even field with fair chances to win. Casino games online in Qatar is a good place where you can be sure about your chances and where you can even win some prizes!

Unwinnable Situations

Machines are unlimited, we get it. That is exactly why they were able to take a rematch in the battle with grandmasters like Arnold Denker and Garry Kasparov. The masters of their games fell victims to the robotics and were never able to tie the score after that. Machines had their flaws and weaknesses. Smart people with a lot of gaming experience were able to identify them, but with time the margin for a mistake from the machines became slimmer and slimmer. At this time robots don’t ever make mistakes, it’s possible only if people make the physical moves for them. They polished their gameplan to the point of blinding brilliance. Here’s a list of games people will never be able to win again!

  • Chess
  • Checkers
  • Rubik’s Cube
  • Scrabble
  • Backgammon
  • Othello


Machines were strongly criticized for the lack of thinking flexibility, that was their main flaw for long years. With time programs were prepared stronger and even learned how to play the game via practice and not by manual entry of complicated codes in the system. The sky is not a limit for them, space itself can’t even restrict the growing power of the AI. They became so strong that playing games with them is not an option anymore, only in case you like to take defeats one at a time. Our greatest creation already surpassed us , beware!