Community Meet & Greet at E3 Now Planned

If you live in Los Angeles or plan to be in the area at the time, the Community Meet and Greet for E3 is now officially planned. You can follow details from the Facebook page and read more about it on the forums.
This public event is scheduled for Wednesday, June 8 · 8:00pm11:00pm at:
Figueroa Hotel (Veranda Bar)
939 South Figueroa St.
Los Angeles, CA
This will be an informal get-together for fans that are not able to get into E3 or that want a more up-close-and-personal meeting option.
David Bass explains on the forums:

“It’s a much less structured event than PAX East. We’ll be hanging out at the bar, chatting with those of you who are able to show up.
Community Meet & Greets are very much for our most devoted fans, and while I’m sure plenty of them will be at E3, there are far more conventions throughout the rest of the year where we can hold bigger and cooler events simply because they’re open to the public.”

They also explain that fans who will not be in the area for this event should not start pilfering their savings to buy a ticket to LA. Community staff say they plan to have more of these informal events across the globe. All you have to do is wait for them to come to a city near you!
What about you? Will you be attending? We’d love to hear from someone who’s going to be there!