Expansion Initials Revealed – SOR Teasers


We have some exciting expansion news today as we look at the teaser images and video file names, we see some leaked hints at the expansion title. This isn’t data-mined info but rather what Bioware themselves put out on the official news site. You’d think they had learned their lesson about this sort of thing in the past, or maybe they did it on purpose to stir up some more hype for the new expansion.

If you at the file names for the images in the news post, you will see they are saved as “SORTeaser”, meaning the new expansion will be called SOR. See for yourself here:




So what might it stand for? Forum members and Redditors are taking their guesses and we have one of our own. Shadow(s) of Revan sounds like a good bet to us since it also fits well to the Forged Alliance storyline.

In addition to all the speculation over the name of the expansion, we have a teaser video that is… well, quite lackluster by most opinions. All this time of waiting and anticipating and hype (always with the hype!) and we would hope to see something a little more than this. That being said, we’re holding out positive hopes for the new content and if you have not seen the video for yourself, find it below.

“I will finish what I’ve started.”

So what do you think? A lot of fans are complaining that teaser is “lazy” and doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know, which is kind of true since we already knew Revan was back.

Lisa Clark

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