SWTOR Gamers offer free guild logos for Japan Tsunami/Quake Relief

Outside of the big players in the making of this game and the industry, there has been little mention of the actual gamers and their communities getting ready to play SWTOR. Here is an example of a gamer and her project which deserves mention right now.

Cerina’s avatar from SWTOR.com

Cerina, a member of the Celtic Thunder Guild, started a popular thread on the Star Wars: The Old Republic community forums. She hooked up with other graphic designers and they are offering a free service to all Guild creators looking for a logo design. This is being offered for free in hopes that the recipient would be encouraged to donate to the Japan tsunami/quake relief effort. As many of you already know, Japan lost over 10,000 people in this disaster. The radiation from the nuclear power plants has leaked and has even been detected in the ocean through increased iodine levels. Cerina’s creativity is in a small way helping, so please come check out the thread and consider helping as well.

She is going to start a website soon for this project, so this is a project to keep your eye on. Especially if you are a member of one of the many thousands of new guilds for SWTOR.

Her project is called Ye Olde Republic Design Shoppe. To follow her on twitter, add @celticthndrgld

***SPECIAL NOTE: If you like the work I have done for you please consider donating be it money, your personal time or items to the Japan relief effort. I am sure the RED-CROSS has something going on.*** I will not accept any compensation for this work but it would be a compliment to me if you donated it to the relief effort.- Cerina

Cerina mentions donating to the Red Cross. The Red Cross was one of the first on the scene offering aid.

Here is an updated list of places asking for donations for the Japan tsunami/quake relief effort.
How to Help Japan: Earthquake Relief options

Kieth Harmon Snow (a trusted international photo-journalist) did a special on KPFA (California) and WBAI (NY) on the radiation situation in Japan. He says his Japan contacts are asking folks to donate to Kozmoz International

May the Force be with Japan!